Taking creativity to completion.

Since obtaining a BFA in Creative Writing from DePauw University, Olivia Carmel has worked in narrative and commercial film, reality television, photography, content marketing and event planning. 

Her work represents the juxtaposition between a softness at the core the human heart and the darkness of our insecurities.

She often draws inspiration from her childhood in rural Ohio, but traded cornfields for mountains and only looks back to pull artifacts from her past into an ever-evolving body of work.

She founded the Denver Filmmakers Collective and the boutique production company, Big Loud Films.  She currently writes for pleasure on her blog, Because Honestly.

I generally subscribe to the ‘if you want something done well, do it yourself’ philosophy. Olivia makes the theory obsolete.
— Chris White, Writer/Director of Mud Lotus
I truly enjoy working with Olivia and appreciate the optimism and warm spirit she brings to work
every day.
— JONATHAN REINEMUND, Former Manager at Craftsy